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Car Seat Protector

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One Awesome  2-in-1 Car Seat Protector Your Dog or Cat will LOVE!

Limited Quantities and Hard to Find in Stores!

We love the quality of this great product and think you will too!

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  • This very versatile and adjustable car seat cover for your back seat (and also the cargo area of SUV's) is ideal for protecting your seats, and giving your pets a comfortable and safe place to ride
  • Protects seats and cargo area from mud, dirt and moisture
  • This product uses only the very best components and materials as compared to other similar products
  • Quilted velvet, soft but still very durable and waterproof
  •  Padded, ideal for pets to sleep or travel
  • Anti-slip material at bottom
  • Adjustable straps with buckle, easy to install
  • Seat belts pass-through
  • Side flaps to protect your car and keep your pet from jumping out
  • Anti-slip lining and seat anchor
  • Can be installed in Hammock style as well to protect backs of front seats
  • When not in Hammock style, riders can also sit in back seat with seat belts
  • Available in Black and Brown (see color images below)


See size information below (and shown on the image) based on the size of your vehicle. Centimeter to inch conversions are as follows:

Medium:       43.3 x 60.6 

Large:           54.3 x 62.2

Product Size Image:


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                         Function 1: Can be on Car Back Seat Cover


                        Function 2: Also can be on Back Cover of SUV


                      Function 1: Can be on Car Back Seat Cover


                      Function 2: Also can be on Back Cover of SUV





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