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Meat Marinade and Seasoning Injector

  • $18.95
  • Save $16

No More Waiting for Meat to Marinade!

Flavors up your favorite meats!

This meat Injector does the job for you in MINUTES!

This product gives you the highest quality components compared to similar plastic models! 



  • This injector is perfect for intensifying the flavor of beef, pork, chicken, turkey, etc. Great for tougher cuts of meat as well!
  • Durable and sharp, the needles puncture any meat or poultry with ease.
  • Super quick and easy to disassemble, this premium quality meat marinade injector is also dishwasher-safe.
  • Needle with multiple side holes for even distribution of marinades and brines.
  • The flavor injector barrel holds a generous 2 ounces of marinade, hassle-free one injection, no stop and reload.
  • Two (2) injector needles included with the infuser
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